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2M Electrical Representatives

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Pass & Seymour: Full line wiring device solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Cabofil: Wire mesh and ladder type cable trays for all applications. UL-Listed pre-fabricated wiring assemblies.

OnQ: Complete line of innovative intercom, camera audio, lighting control systems and structured wiring solutions designed to seamlessly intigrate into any decor.

Wiremold: Products and systems - Innovative Wire & Cable Management.

Touche Lighting Controls: Simple, flexible and affordable "one device" lighting control solution. Easy setup, configuration and changes with free lifetime remote support.

Litetronics: Full line of lamps including LED, linear and compact fluorescent, HID, incadescent, halogen and more.

Power Bus Way: Custom Cable Bus Systems to suite any specific requirements.

Riverside Engineering: Riverside Engineering is committed to providing its metal recycling customers with enduring competitive advantage based on innovative shredder designs, technology and engineering services.

Total Protection Solutions: A TPS Total Protection System will extend equipment life, increase equipment reliability and performance, reduce electrical maintenance/repair, dramatically reduce downtime and reduce risk of catastrophic loss.