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2M Electrical Representatives

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Our Mission: To be recognized as South Texas’s preferred electrical agency. 2M Electrical Representatives is dedicated to customer service and strives to provide quality products and optimal solutions to Owners, Architects, Engineers and the Electrical Industry through proactive communication and consistent trust and respect.

In the early 1980s Doug Merrill and Brian McBrearty were forming a friendship and partnership that has evolved into one of the most experienced lighting and electrical teams in the industry. Today, 2M Electrical Representatives is the result of this partnership and they have assembled a professional team with diverse talents at the home office located in San Antonio Texas.


2M Electrical Representatives believes that relationships are key to our success and you can’t build strong relationships without friendships. Our diverse specification staff emphasize proactive communication and timely response to the needs of the designer. And our quotations and project management teams are the final link to the success of 2M and bring professional customer service skills to get the job completed right the first time. All of the parts of 2M Electrical Representatives fulfill their role to benefit the whole spectrum of the industry.


A strong company like 2M Electrical Representatives is made stronger by the manufacturing partners they represent. We have built relationships with many top electrical manufacturers and benefit from their reputation. The Legrand brand is widely known and respected throughout both North America and the global electrical industry.

A full list of our manufacturer partners can be found on our Line Card

Our staff is diverse and experienced and 2M knows that we can offer things that others cannot. We offer creative and unique perspectives to the marketplace. Along with a wide breadth of quality manufacturers, 2M adds value to your projects by providing you with an experienced support team. Please contact our staff below or contact any of us by going to our Contacts.